Vegan & Gluten Free French Tomato Soup #SoupSwappers

This month's soup swappers host is Sally of Bewitching Kitchen who choose  the theme French Soups .  I made this soup with Homemade French Onion Dry Mix  and used to make a Vegan  and Gluten Free  French Tomato Soup. This soup thickens as it comes to a boil, so there is no need to add any other ingredient to it.


4 Medium Ripe & Firm Tomatoes

1 Tablespoon Homemade French Onion Soup Mix
Salt to taste
1 Bay leaf

A Pinch of Sugar
A Leaf of Scallion Green - snippet 

In a pan boil the tomatoes in 1 cup water.  Then cool it and skin it, blend it well along with water.  Strain it.  Pour this into a sauce pan add the soup mix, scallions green, sugar  and bay leaf stir it well and place it on medium flame till it comes to a boil.  Keep stirring, taste for salt, add if necessary.  
Serve it and enjoy this vegan, gluten free , low calorie  French Tomato Soup.

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The recipe for the French Onion Dry Soup Mix will be posted soon.

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Bombil Samossa / Stuffed Bombay Duck #FishFriday

This is my Mummy's special recipe, she use to make this very often for us in different spices and filling. I, once made 40 of these for my friends who came from Canada and served these with Handbreads, they were a hit and these got over in a jiffy.
This fish has many names, we Mumbaikar's call it Bombil, some call it bummalo, the British and others who came to India call it Bombay Duck. There are many other stories found on the net regarding the name of the fish, which is true I, do not know, but,  Bombil / Bombay Duck  is a marine lizard fish found on the coastline of Mumbai and Maharashtra.  This is favorite fish of us Mumbaikar's.  Bombils in any form are enjoyed here, dried or fresh we love it.

Our Host Wendy for Fish Friday Foodies asked us to get creative and share some stuffed fish recipes.  I, decided to make my Mummy's favorite recipe, its a little time consuming but worth the effort.


6 - 8 Medium size Fresh Bombils

For the Red Masala Paste

5- 6 Kashmiri Red Chillies
4 Cloves Garlic
1 Teaspoon Level Cumin Seeds
1/4 Teaspoon Turmeric powder
2 Tablespoons Vinegar
Salt to taste

For the Stuffing

2 Medium Onions - finely chopped
1 Green Chilly - Finely chopped
2 Cloves Garlic - Finely chopped
2 Tablespoons Coriander Leaves - chopped
A pinch of All Spice Powder - optional
Salt to Taste
1 Tablespoon Oils

For  Coating 
1/2 Cup Rice Flour 
2 Tablespoons Cup  Fine Semolina  / Rawa
Oil as required for frying

Soak  the red chillies in warm water for an hour at least. 
Wash and clean the bombil, cut the head, lightly scrape it with a back if the knife to remove any dirt or scales on the body.  Then remove the side fins and trim the tail a little.

Now take the bombil on to a cutting board and slit it in the middle very gently, see that you do not cut it fully, then remove the center bone, keep aside like do it for the rest, apply salt and keep aside.
In the meantime grind the ingredients of the masala paste using only vinegar not water should be used.  

Now wash the bombil in fresh water and pat them dry with a kitchen towel.

Apply the paste to the bombil and keep in the refrigerator.

In the meantime lets prepare the stuffing
In a pan heat oil add the onions and rest of the ingredients and saute  it till the onion a translucent, then add a tablespoon or more (according to your taste  ) and fry it till  all the moisture evaporates and the stuffing is dry.  Keep aside to cool. Add the coriander leaves and mix well.

When the stuffing cools, place a tablespoon or more in the center and fold it to make triangle samoosa.
Mix the rice flour and semolina well, gently press each bombil into this mix and coat it nicely on both sides, like wise coat all the bombils and keep aside.
Heat a pan with 2 tablespoons oil on medium low flame and fry the bombils till golden brown and crisp. 
 Enjoy these with  Handbreads,    I, assure you you will love them. 

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Yogurt Bundt Cake #BundtBakers

This is a No Butter Cake recipe which is also quick and easy. I made this and lots of other savory snacks for the rosary in my house.
In the month of October Mother Mary’s statue visits every community members homes, wherein all the members of the community come together and recite the rosary. After the rosary- cake, boiled grams and snacks are served. We all come together as a family,  enjoy sharing our joy and happiness. 
This cake was light and soft.  It bakes in 40 to 45 minutes, but it took 2 hours to bake in my oven since the temperature control of oven conked off, but the cake was soft and moist. I have to get a new oven soon, already started pestering my husband for one.

Our theme for this month Bundt Bakers is " Punt the Bundt - cakes perfect for tailgating. " and our Host is Sue of Palatable Pastime. This cake is perfect for such events, so easy and quick to make.


150 Grams Fresh Yogurt
160 ML Vegetable Oil
3 Eggs - seperated
250 Grams Caster Sugar
1-½ Teaspoon Vanilla essence
A Zest of one small Lemon
175 Grams All Purpose Flour
75 Grams Corn Flour
1 Teaspoon Heaped Baking powder
A Pinch of Salt
Icing sugar for dusting


Separate the eggs and whisk the whites until you have firm peaks.

Sift the flour, cornflour, baking powder and salt, keep aside.

Add the yogurt to the egg yolks, then add sugar and whisk until light. Add the oil and beat. Then add in vanilla essence and the zest of half a lemon. Add sifted flour , a little at a time till all is incorporated and forms a lump free batter. Then gently fold in the whisked egg whites using a spatula. 
Fill a greased ring mold with the batter and bake at 180 degrees C in the oven till aa cake tester will come out clean for about 40 to 45 minutes. 
Remove it from the oven to a wire rack, letting the cake sit in the tin for 10 minutes before turning it out.
 Once cooled dust with icing sugar. 

 Slice it when cool.. enjoy..

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#BundtBakers is a group of Bundt loving bakers who get together once a month to bake Bundts with a common ingredient or theme. We take turns hosting each month and choosing the theme or ingredient. You can see all our of lovely Bundts by following our Pinterest board. Updated links for all of our past events and more information about #BundtBakers, can be found on our home page.

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Laadi Pav or Pull Apart Rolls #BreadBakers

Today I, am sharing with your Mumbai's special bread called Laadi Pav or Pull Apart Rolls or slab of bread rolls ( one laadi consist of 6 rolls) or Pao means a ‘small rolls’, these are eggless and pillow soft, these rolls are baked as one big slab and the individual rolls are pulled apart. 
They are perfect accompaniment for Usal Missal, Pav Bhaji, Vada Pav, Dabeli , Burgers or any gravy dish. Actually in Mumbai these are eaten with everything, like for breakfast these are had with eggs,  slated with butter they taste... yum ! I ,believe Laadi Pav were introduced by the Portuguese in India and are always made with all-purpose flour.


2.1/2 Cups Plain Flour  1 Tablespoon Butter 
1 Teaspoon Rapid Action Yeast
Sugar – 2 tbsp
1 Tablespoon Milk powder
3/4 to ¼ Cup Warm Water – 
½  Teaspoon Salt 

In a food processor whisk together the flour, milk powder and the salt.   Add the yeast,  butter and  mix well, then as the food porcessor is running add warm water little at a time till all the flour comes together and forms into a ball of dough. Take this dough out on a greased surface and knead it into a smooth and soft dough. 
 Grease a large bowl with a teaspoon of oil, turn the dough in the oil so that it is evenly coated with the oil, and cover the bowl. Keep for an hour or till it doubles. Dough should be all airy and puffed up. Poke a finger in the dough and make an indent (or a small hole with your finger) in the dough. If the hole or indent remains and the dough doesn’t bounces back that means dough is ready.
Now deflate and knead the dough for another minute until it makes a smooth dough ball.   Divide dough into  equal  parts  and  shape the dough into balls and set them in the greased baking tin, making sure to leave gap between the balls, because they will expand while they rest.

Loosely cover the rolls with aluminum foil or plastic wrap or keep inside a covered space  to proof. Let the rolls rise for about 30-45 minutes, until doubled. All the raised, proved balls will stick to each other, it is ‘Laadi Pav’! Brush them with milk.
Bake them in a pre-heated the oven at 200 degrees C, for about 15-20 mins till top of the pavs turns golden brown. Keep checking it after 15 minutes. 
Once its golden brown take it out of the oven and  brush them with butter, 
remove the laadi pav from the baking tin and allow them to cool down on a wire rack.  

Just make it or Buy it in Mumbai the Mumbaiets say to the baker -- "Ek  Laadi Pav dena " .   Break into pieces or salter it with butter / jam or enjoy with gravy of your choice.

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For November Host: Kelly , choose the theme "Pull Apart Breads " for Bread Bakers. Thank your Kelly for hosting this event.

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#BreadBakers is a group of bread loving bakers who get together once a month to bake bread with a common ingredient or theme. Follow our Pinterest board right here. Links are also updated each month on this home page.

We take turns hosting each month and choosing the theme/ingredient.


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Fig / Anjeer Milk Shake #FoodieExtravaganza

Dried Figs or Fresh Figs are very commonly available almost everywhere and this is widely consumed in India and other countries. Figs, whether fresh or dried, are rich in powerful antioxidants.The fig trees can live up to 100 years, that why many people in India touch their head to this tree , so that, they too will have long and healthy life. 
Figs have a unique taste and texture. They are sweet and chewy. The smoothness of the fruit and the crunchiness of its seeds make a beautiful combination to eat. Dried figs are available throughout the year whereas fresh figs are available in summer.

Here the weather is so hot and sticky, this drink is perfect to cool your body. I,  have not added any extra sugar for sweetness. Wanted the natural taste and sweetness of the Figs. This is a diabetic friendly drink. Can add a tablespoon or more of caster sugar according to your taste.

November 1-7th is National Fig Week. Our Host Camilla M. Mann - Event for Foodie Extravaganza {Party},  asked us to share recipes that celebrate the mighty fig ( fresh or dried ).

Serves 2

500 Ml Millk
6 Pieces Dried Figs / Anjeer
1 Tablespoon Heaped Almond meal - Homemade

1 Cup Ice cubes


Wash and then cut the figs into small pieces. Soaked these in 1 cup warm milk for 2 to 3 hours.
In a blender jar, add figs along with the milk in which it was soaked in and blend it into smooth paste. Then add the remaining cold milk , ice cubes and almond meal blend it again.
When the mixture becomes into thick and smooth consistency then transfer it into a  serving glass.
Serve the Fig / Anjeer Milk Shake in a glass and top with anjeer pieces and enjoy chilled.
See the recipe here How to make Almond meal

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Posting day for #FoodieExtravaganza is always the first Wednesday of each month. If you are a blogger and would like to join our group and blog along with us, come join our Facebook page Foodie Extravaganza. We would love to have you! If you're a spectator looking for delicious tid-bits check out our Foodie Extravaganza Pinterest Board! Looking for our previous parties? Check them out HERE.
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